SEO Predictions for 2013

Everyone’s on the SEO predictions so thought I would do one too.  Spent most of the Christmas break watching Breaking Bad and not thinking about SEO.

Still not sure if 2012 was a good year for SEO?  Good useful content prevailed over crappy tactics but it was difficult to just do SEO without worrying about potential demotions and it was frustrating seeing competitors getting away with over optimisation and paid links.

So #SEO2013 excited or scared?  Personally I’m excited because I consider myself as a broad Digital Marketer rather than just a SEO specialist …….

I See The Future


SEO’s get invited to PR meeting and have their link demands met.







It does depend on who you work for but our best links (Gift Library) is from PR but they tend to be brand links to the homepage.  With a bit more direction we can use the context of the piece to drive people to a relevant deeper landing page and use supporting keywords near the brand link.  Also PR folk could look into whether the link will be followed and how high they can gain placement.

Social Mentions > Links

Social mentions greater than links in quantity not necessarily quality but these kinds of signals will surely have a bigger effort?  More people have social profiles than blogs or sites so if you have come across a great piece of content you want to share you may not be able to write about it then link to it (or you just can’t be bothered) but sharing via social media is easy and the modern way for an external link.

Profiles with more authority passes on better link juice (just like the traditional way).  I would imagine a ratio of updates/tweets with links and without will also be looked at.

Title Tags

Lots and lots of articles about the perfect title tag, bit of nostalgia for an old SEO tactic which still works.  Google may decide to use chosen title tags less and less so it becomes even more important to:

  • Coordinate the title tag to content
  • Stick to 70 characters to max click troughs
  • In the format: Keyword Target – USP |Brand

Google Plus Hangouts

G+ Hangouts will go mainstream for celebs and brands which will actually move Google Pus in front of Facebook and behind Twitter as a priority for brands.

Google Plus Hangouts are cool.

vanity fair








I was not on a hangout with Vanity Fair btw

Actually talking to your fans is a step up from tweeting at them and further improves brand – customer relations.

There is some link bait potential in there too ……

Anchor Text

Don’t give up with exact match anchor text, it works.  Naturally sites will link to you with brand anchor text, click here’s or longer partial match so if you can get the anchor text you want then go for exact.

I think co-citation is going to be big this year and again ties in with PR.

Rand Fishkin talking co-citation (click image):








Same goes for co-occurrences e.g. Gift Library sells Luxury Gifts.

The Last Of The Black Hat SEO’s

Google continuing to improve its algorithms mean ‘SEO tricks’ on the whole cause more damage than good hence the only way to make any progress is to be a good marketer.  No more black hat SEO’s.



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