Ignoring Google Plus is Stupid

It has been nearly been 2 years since Google + launched but still remains an underused channel for brands.  Whilst most have a presence now, many don’t post regularly or with unique content and sort of just do it because they feel they have to.

Digital Marketers were skeptic because of the failure of Google Buzz but the rumored SEO benefits and commitment from Google got us a bit more interested.  Marketers failed to see the difference between G+ & FB and whether it is the right demographic (Google Plus is mainly used by males from a technical background).

Conspiracy theorists stated this was the next stage in Google owning the world’s data.










This article looks at reasons why Google Plus should be embraced more:

Doing something innovative bring success

Topshop is the perfect example, partnering with G+ Topshop gave its viewers a ‘360’ take on its Autumn/Winter 2013 show at London Fashion Week.

  • Model Cam allows viewers to ‘be the model’
  • Be the Buyer app allows users to create their own mood boards
  • Be the Creative allowed users to ask the in-house team questions on Hangouts
  • Content hosted on G+ and streamed live on YouTube
  • Models keeping diaries on G+













And they say no one adds to their circles?!  I haven’t looked at the number of followers before but it’s likely that fashionistas wanted to be part of this so added Topshop (and may have created a G+ account especially as there are many silhouettes accounts).  It would be interesting to monitor the growth from now on.

Is Facebook Getting Boring?

In December Facebook lost 600,000 UK users and the recent News Feed revamp and Graph Search is hardly exciting the public.


Facebook users over the last months (via Social Bakers)

Less people on Facebook mean less people to market to.

Google Plus on the other hand is growing and has something like 400 million active users.



Competitive Advantage

Prada for example have pretty much done nothing on G+ but still 4K people have added them to their circles.  Imagine the number if they were active?



Listen in on people’s conversation, great for research and targeted content.  Probably a bit creepy though!


OK fine you can monitor conversations on Twitter and Facebook Group but it’s still another source of information.



Who doesn’t want that?  Recent posts act like a real time company update and keeps audience on the results page longer.  No issue in G+ taking away some traffic from the main domain as it’s intriguing for people who haven’t heard of Google Plus and I’m sure the person will end up on the site if they want to.


Facebook and Twitter can’t offer this, great way to engage with your fans directly.  Remember how happy you are when a brand/celebrity tweets back at you, actually speaking to them multiplies this and creates more brand advocates.


We’re All The Same

Posts on G+ are just not interacted (comments and Plus Ones) with as much as Facebook yet.  Don’t let that put you off.


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